Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours required to get “set up”?

I don’t know. Nobody knows. It completely depends upon your specific           project. How many products do you have? How many keywords do you have?


We help our clients escape the idea that you can just setup an account,           load some keywords and let it go. This is a sure way to spend way too           much money in Google. The proper technique that is as “sure-fire” as it gets……is to load the campaigns, test the ads, test the landing pages, and then test the whole conversion funnel. All the while, keeping costs as low as possible during the testing phases. THIS is the method to build a long term business using Pay-Per-Click.

Do you use Conversion Tracking?

Yes, always. We wouldn’t do an account without it. We MUST know where
the orders are coming from and which keywords are presenting those orders
(or leads).

Do you use Google Analytics?

Yes, we love working in the conversion funnels. However, we must keep
in mind that Google Analytics is just ONE platform for website stats.
Many other free platforms also offer the “conversion funnel” features.

We work with all website stats packages. We do a monthly Account Audit
on Advertising and Web stats every month to deliver the numbers to our
clients to make decisions about the coming month. Only when we have
the hard data can we make good decisions.

Do you offer Remarketing?

Yes, we love remarketing as this is usually a great way to get the
people who didn’t convert the first time back into your funnel.

As a side note….we use Google Adwords Display Network Remarketing. We
also use Google Adwords Search Network Remarketing. And other remarketing
platforms, as well. There are several.

Do you offer Display Marketing?

Yes, Google Display Network is our strong suit. However, not all products
are suitable for the display network, as a whole. Most of the time,
niche products CAN go on the Display Network, but must be limited down
to specific URLs to not waste money.

Note: There are many Display Networks besides the Google Display Network.
Some networks even specialize in certain types of products. Example:
The Bing Display Network, currently is heavy with Financial Sites. So,
offering financial products on the Bing Display Network works like a

Do you do Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, AOL,
Amazon Ads, LinkedIn, Tier 2 Search Engines, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree?

Yes, we take an “all of the above” approach.

In Facebook, we can even target ALL the Facebook users that have ever
joined a Group or joined an Event in your target market by THEIR FACEBOOK
ID. So, as they wander around Facebook, we can show them ads, no matter
where they go. 

Also, we can target ALL the pages on Facebook that talk about your type
of product, industry, or target market. A near 100% saturation point
with your ads. If they have an interest in your type of product or service,
they WILL see your ad.

Do you offer advertising for Comparison Shopping
Engines like: Google Product Listing Ads, NextTag, Shopzilla, and PriceGrabber?

Yes, we carefully craft the text to these engines (and any comparison
shopping engine you want to use.). And we run tests upon those images
and text to gain a higher CTR to your site.

There are lot of Comparison Shopping Sites. These are just a few: Google
Product Listing Ads, NextTag, Bing Shopping, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com,
Bizrate, Overstock, Become.com, Shopzilla, Amazon Product Ads, and Pronto.
There are many more.

Do you offer Mobile Marketing?

Yes, Mobile Marketing is just like any other marketing, however it’s
targeting smaller devices, such as smart phones and tablets. 

The key to understanding Mobile Marketing is that most people when they
have an idea for “search”, they pop open their phone or tablet for RESEARCH.
However, when they make their buying decision, they are doing it at
their computer. At least for any products over $50, currently. 

But, even this depends. ..If your business is a local pizza place, then
mobile and tablet advertising will be “where it’s at.” Because the customers
will be searching their smart phone to place an order before they come
home from work. 

So, this depends on what YOUR product is and who your target market
is. But, it can be done.

Do you offer Local Business Advertising too?

Yes, we have many clients that are dentists, chiropractors, and lawyers.
These are the big 3. 

However, all local businesses that have a good income stream can be
increased by Local PPC Marketing.

Imagine you own a local carpet store and want to expand your clientele.
What if, ALL of the people in Google that search “carpet” (or a “carpet”
related keyword) from a geographic radius of 5 miles from your store
were shown YOUR ad at the top of the search results? When they click
and come to your site, they can download a coupon to come into the carpet
store and pick out some carpet. When they click your PPC ad, you know
a few things about them….

1. They want carpet, and 
2. they live within a 5 mile radius of your store.

That is far better than a radio or tv ad. Radio ads and tv ads are
wayyy too far reaching just by the nature of their medium. Also, there
are very few ways to MEASURE, the ROI of those tv and radio ads. But,
with PPC, you know the exact ROI of the ad. We can track it, from the
click, to the coupon download, to the final “walk-in” sale. 

Do you think you could get some foot traffic into your store with this

This plan didn’t even mention that on many sites, they can buy the products
right on the site. So, there is even more potential for profit. 

We can even take a Chiropractor’s, Dentist’s, or Lawyer’s site and put
an Appointment Generator with calendar right on the site. So, a person
can book an appointment on the site to start the intake process with
your office.

What do you think would be the hardest part
of this project?

That depends upon the project individually. However, the hardest part
of most any Google Project is obtaining a great return on investment
(ROI) while keeping the Google costs down. So that Google doesn’t eat
your lunch. THIS, is what you hire us to do. We are the professionals
at THIS task.

Do you do YouTube Video Ads?

Yes, we love these right now. We can make the regular text ads on the
right side of YouTube. Also, the Display Banner Ads. Also, the text
ads popping up at the bottom of videos.

Also, we make the really neat 30-60 second video ads that pop up before
a video will play. These can be computer animation, artist drawing animation,
actors on a set, presentation with voiceover, or anything you’ve ever
seen on TV. 

This market has some serious growth potential right now. There are not
enough advertisers putting video ads on Youtube. Even though, YouTube
has 100X more viewers than primetime (8pm to 10pm) network TV. The power
of those little videos are amazing aren’t they?

What is your vision of the ideal Google Adwords

This is a great question. I wish more people would ask it. My vision
of the ideal Google Adwords Account is a small account with highly profitable
keywords. All the keywords have been tested. The bad keywords have been
dropped. The ads have all been tested and are at a great CTR. And each
click has a positive ROI coming into the website. All the landing pages
have been tested and are very good at Converting. The Quality Score
on the Account is positive.

THIS situation will yield clicks that are as cheap as possible on keywords
that we know convert at a good rate and are profitable.

Do you do Email Autoresponder Series?

Yes, we regularly setup Email Autoresponder Series for our clients.
Also, we go one step further by testing the open rate for the Subject
Line. Also, we test the email content for CTR to the website.<br>
We copywrite the emails and test the entire process for highest results
in your target market. (See the Other Cool Services Page for Details)

Do you do Website Conversion Rate Optimization
(CRO) Testing (AB Split Testing, Multivariant Testing, or Taguchi Testing)?

Yes, Besides PPC, this is a great love of ours. We always tell our
clients that “Google is how you GET visitors at the best possible prices.
But, CRO is how those visitors make you money online. CRO testing is
how the real money is made online.

We do CRO testing with all sorts of software. Regular AB Split Testing,
Multivariant Testing, AND Taguchi Testing. There are lots of software
for each of these types of testing. We use them all, no problem. Optimizely,
VisualWebsiteOptimizer, Adobe Test & Target, Accenture, AB Tasty, SiteSpect,
ClickThroo, SplitTestAccelerator, Vertster, Etc Etc…

(See the Other Cool Services Page for Details)

Do you do Traditional Search Engine Optimization

No, Traditional SEO by link building is dead. Remember, the point of
SEO is to rise to the top of Google organic search results. And why
is THAT? Because it’s a lot of targeted cheap traffic. That is the end
result that we want. “Targeted Cheap Traffic.”

On a regular basis Google changes their algorithm to get rid of the
people who are using traditional SEO to “game” the system. Over time,
there is no way to prevent Google from changing their algorithm to keep
your good results. Thus, traditional SEO by link building is a short
term strategy with variable results. True, it works on the short term.
But, after 1-2 years, all those good website visitors eventually dry

There are much better ways to get “Targeted Cheap Traffic” with predictable
results over time. (See the Social Media Marketing FAQ- Below)

Do you do Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Yes….Ahh, the beauty of targeted cheap traffic coming to your site.
As of 2011 Social Media Marketing (SMM) has taken over the traditional
SEO world to produce a predicable results.

We can use SMM and video together to position your business as the #1
player in your field. You can be the guru in your area of expertise.

And not only will lots of “Targeted Cheap Traffic” come to your site,….because
they have already been introduced to you by video, they will have a
higher conversion rate than the general audience.

Plus,…the big added bonus that most social sites have their pages scanned
by Google, so they come up high in the Google organic search results
anyway. So, Social Media Marketing is the best SEO for today.

Is there any advertising you DON’T do online?

(See SEO FAQ above)

Rebecca and James, You Guys Are Awesome, Can
I Hire You Full Time?

Yes, you can. FIRST, for you to consider this idea, you will need to
have a business that is making more than $2,000,000/year gross. To bring
in a good marketer to your staff, we have to have a product to sell
that can produce enough income for YOU to be paid well. Selling $30
ebooks won’t work. (unless there are hundreds of them that are selling
like hotcakes.)

So, with that being said, this should be considered ONLY for larger
businesses that want to grow their market share into huge businesses.

Also, it would be wise to give us some more “hands” as well. We can
project manage the whole marketing team for you. These can be domestic
“in-house”, or foreign outsourced staff. We can take care of the “hiring
and firing” as well, if you like. To date, we have project managed a
staff of more than 25 people for over 10 years. So, your staff or ours,
we can make some really cool stuff happen for your business.

What Happens Next?

Hopefully, you have read through the FAQs and see that we can do a
lot of cool things. Soooo, the first thing that needs to happen, is
for you to fill out the form below to get in touch. Then Rebecca or
James will give you a call.

  • Fill in the Form on the Right Side: Name, Email, Phone, What is Your Biggest Advertising Question You Need Help With?
  • Yes, it will be the real Rebecca – The Advertising Tigress or James
    – The Advertising Tiger that will call you. We have many customer
    service teams taking care of our products that we market online, but
    we call personally for this special service.

Other Cool Services

  • Mobile Marketing
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Comparison Shopping Engines
  • Display Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Email Autoresponder Marketing

Vinnie Curto

“Over just 3 months, they have been able to help reduce my largest client's advertising costs by around 80% while maintaining a comparable level of conversions. This has made my client extremely happy with me.....

Both James and Rebecca are advanced experts in pay per click marketing and just marketing in general. I truly value the work they've done for me so far and plan on maintaining our relationship for as long as possible."

William Blackwell Esquire

“James and Rebecca have been a God send. They took a humble and fledging bankruptcy practice and galvanized the website and marketing campaign into a successful and fecund practice that seems intent on growing exponentially. .....

I am a customer of theirs, but because of the way they have counseled me and tutored my advertising efforts, I consider them good friends. There is an old adage that in life you should have three things, “a good doctor, a priest and a good lawyer.” However, in marketing, you probably need all of those things along with the appendix, “a good marketer like James and Rebecca”. "

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