5 Common Google Adwords Mistakes

A good AdWords campaign can do wonders for the success of your business, but only if you’re doing it right. There are plenty of challenges to face and errors along the way that could be limiting the performance of your online marketing efforts and costing you money as a result. That said, let’s take a look at 5 of the most common Google AdWords mistakes so you can avoid making them in your own campaigns.


Not maximizing keyword use. There are a number of different ways you can optimize your keyword use within your AdWords campaigns. This includes breaking them down into keyword groups and creating matches (broad, phrase or exact). If you’re just playing it simple, it’s very likely that you’re missing out on a ton of potential traffic. Make sure you’re maximizing every tool that you have at your disposal.


Not using negative keywords. AdWords allows you to specify which words do not match your target audience. These are called negative keywords, and they can help you weed out traffic that isn’t relevant to your products or services. Negative keywords are equally as important as regular keywords because without them, your ads will end up in front of the wrong audience and you’ll be wasting your money.


Not understanding the LTV of your customers. How can you truly know whether you’re getting any ROI on your AdWords spend if you don’t know what your customers are worth to you? The lifetime value of a customer (LTV) demonstrates the overall valuation of each client that comes in via your marketing channels. If the LTV of your customers is $20 and you’re spending $10 on each acquisition, you’re in good shape. If the numbers are reversed, however, it’s time to rethink your strategy.


Not trusting the numbers. It really doesn’t matter how creative your ad copy is if you’re not getting any click-throughs. Many otherwise intelligent professionals make the mistake of placing the look and quality of their ads above what the numbers say. Trust what your analytics are telling you and modify accordingly. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time and money and not getting the returns you deserve.


Not knowing your competition. Business 101 tells you to identify and understand your competitors, yet many people forget that this concept also applies to marketing. To really get the most out of your AdWords campaigns, you should take a step back and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Look at the ads and landing pages of your biggest competitors and ask yourself which ones you’d choose if you were the one searching. Optimize your own approach from there.


A successful Google AdWords strategy starts with a solid plan. By knowing ahead of time what many of the common pitfalls are, you’ll be less likely to make the same mistakes and much more likely to run a campaign that gets you the optimum return on your investment.

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